Dear guests,

Your safety is always our highest priority, and we did everything we could to ensure your vacation is enjoyable and safe, below there are measures of treatment and operation of the hotel during the epidemic.


  • Physical distancing – 1.5 meter distance .

  • Disinfectant – a disinfectant dispenser at the entrances into the hotel.

  • Visible notices and informing the guests – available informations regarding the hygienic procedures.

  • Maximum number of persons at the premises – in accordance with the defined criteria of maintaining a physical distance of 1.5 meters.

  • Paper towels and disposable materials – we ensured a sufficient quantity of paper towels and other disposable materials.

  • Waste disposal – the waste bins with suitable lids are placed in all public areas within the hotel.

  • Protective equipment – we have sufficient quantity of protective masks and gloves for the employees as for the guests

  • Adhere to all general and hygienic measures – Instructions for cleaning and disinfecting as prescibed during the COVID-19 epidemic.


The reception is regularly ventilated as well as other rooms in the hotel, the reception area is disinfected often, every hour and in the reception area disinfection is performed after each guest. Our staff is well informed about the current situation and is able to give you all the information you are interested in in the conduct of the hotel during this epidemic.

Elevator, shared bathroom and conference room

Safety instructions have been set including the maximum number of guests allowed in front of and inside the elevator at one time. We regularly disinfect the keys in front of and inside the elevator. In the case of common toilets, we clean and disinfect intensively in order to ensure your safest stay. In the conference rooms we disinfect tables and all equipment after use.

Hospitality facilities in the hotel are operating in accordance with the decisions of the Civil Protection Headquarters and existing recommendations !

Hotel rooms

Cleaning and change of bed linen is carried out in accordance with existing standards, unless you want to agree on a different regime, we act in accordance with your requirements and wishes. When changing guests, we pay special attention to disinfecting all surfaces and especially the bathroom. Clean bed linen and towels are kept in a closed container and do not come into contact with already used ones. All our guests have information on cleaning and linen change procedures.

Swimming pools and sports-recreational and other service activities

At Hotel Rotondo, we separated the deckchairs 1.5 meters and disinfected them after each use. Unfortunately, the space provided for recreational sports indoors still remains out of order.

Masseuse services. Instructions are available at the link:

The number of people in the wellness and saunas is limited.

Other important information

  • When receiving unannounced guests, they enter the hotel with a prior check for possible symptoms that could indicate COVID-19.

  • The staff of our hotel is maximally informed and protected and they work in several shifts.

  • Textile and dishwashing equipment, air conditioners, ventilation, water supply, dispensers are adjusted, cleaned and disinfected in accordance with the rules for the new situation.

Your Hotel Rotondo